Pet Christmas Shopping

By: Patricia Ellison

The holidays can be a busy, chaotic time; but also a very special time when we give gifts to the special ones in our lives and receive gifts as well. Now, some of those gifts are just what we wanted, others may not be as special but are warmly received none the less.

As a pet owner it can be a pretty scary time, with all the forbidden chocolate candies laying around, or the small toys received in a child’s stocking that an be chewed on and possibly chocked on. And then there’s the lights that flash and blink so beautifully.

Ok you’ve got your list made out and are ready to begin the shopping adventure. But, did you remember your best friend? I’m not talking about your 2 legged one, but the other one, You know, that 4 legged little one who is always there for you with love that is absolutely unconditional.

When the rest of the family is busy opening gifts; Where will they be?

Maybe safely confined in their new kennel, if they got one? Or lying on their new bed, maybe off playing with a new toy or busy chomping on a new treat, if they received any of these.

Dogs, cats or other pets don’t know there’s a certain time to open gifts so theirs can be and should be given early and with thought.

That new kennel will keep them safe from all the human excitement and a new toy or special treat will keep them occupied

A new sweater or doggy coat will be great for them as they don their new collar and leash and quietly wait for their special walk with you. How about a new scratching post or play toy for kitty as well as a bright new collar for when they’re out and about.

Maybe you have to be more on the practical side and look into training aids, whether it is to help with housebreaking or some behavior training aids. These are those dual purpose gifts, kinda like a new toaster is to the family, used and enjoyed by all.

I’ve talked mostly about pets already in the family, now let’s talk about a new pet that will be given or received as a gift. I am a Chihuahua breeder and this is the first time I will have puppies available for Christmas.

What an awesome gift, a new little Chihuahua puppy or any puppy for that matter. Take some time and consider, puppies need a quiet time to adjust to a new family and new surroundings.

Don’t just thrust them into a group of excited humans (adults or children), you will end up with a terrorized frightened puppy and it may take days, weeks or even months to get them back on track.

Chihuahuas get a bad rap for not being good around children when in reality it’s normally children who are not good around Chihuahuas. Now don’t get me wrong children don’t intentially do things to frighten a puppy, that’s where parents intervine with explanations and supervision.

Much of this bad rap has to do with how the puppy was socialized from the beginning and when they were brought into new surroundings. Giving them a safe and secure introduction to the family is the key. If you’re giving or getting a new puppy at Christmas prepare ahead for their needs.

A new pet is not a Christmas gift, but rather a lifetime friend and family member.

I can pretty much guarantee you your pet will not judge you for what you got them nor will they ask; “Where’s mine?” They will be right there by your side regardless of the any one sided gift exchange.

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