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Waiting patiently for the Santa…

We are pretty sure Santa will need our help!

-Mulroy and Daisy sent by erigby

A Very Vonderful Petmas…

German Shepherd gifts

All I vant for Petmas iz Varm Vishes and endless doggy treats vor all!

Festive Ferrets Friday (cont’d): Sugar Plum Ferrets

We makes z Nutcracker Dance in z tree.

Festive Ferrets Friday

It’s never too early to starts z decorating!photo by LarissaAllen

Where’s meaow presents?

kitten santa

I thoughts you’d  be bigger in person Santa!

Maaa…maaa…maaaary Christmas

Maaaay I eat his Santa ears now?

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!

If I keeps singing the carols the holidays will get here quicker!!


Maybe this is why they wouldn’t let him join in any of the Reindeer games!

We sings teh Silent Night

meows if u know the words.

I likes the lights…

…now who has the tinsel?!!