Happy Hamstermas!

We maybes small but our Holiday Spirits is HUGE!

Playing Santa…

I always gets picked to play Santa at our office parties.  Can’t you see the JOY all over my bearded face?! -sent by mrge5

Laughing all the way! HaHaHa!!

Sing it with me! Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!

Waiting patiently for the Santa…

We are pretty sure Santa will need our help!

-Mulroy and Daisy sent by erigby

Have a Hammy Christmas!

Rockin’ the holidays all year long!

A Very Vonderful Petmas…

German Shepherd gifts

All I vant for Petmas iz Varm Vishes and endless doggy treats vor all!

Festive Ferrets Friday (cont’d): Sugar Plum Ferrets

We makes z Nutcracker Dance in z tree.

Festive Ferrets Friday

It’s never too early to starts z decorating!photo by LarissaAllen

For our Chewish friends…

Happy  Rosh Hashanah!

Where’s meaow presents?

kitten santa

I thoughts you’d  be bigger in person Santa!