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Christmas Rabbit?

I luvs Christmas, but I also luvs Easter.

When We Headed To The North Pole?

Dog on Sled With Antlers

You mean you want ME to PULL this thing?!?!

A Christmas (kitty) Tail

Christmas tail

I KNOW Santa left my present somewhere around here!

Pug Claus Has Been a Good Boy

pug santa

Gots any Christmas Bones for me?

Is Dis On Straight?

Make sure you get my good side!

Santa Paws

Taking a break from making teh toys, so I can play with them!

After last years tape fiasco…

I iz starting gift wrapping earlies this year!

Happy Hamstermas!

We maybes small but our Holiday Spirits is HUGE!

Playing Santa…

I always gets picked to play Santa at our office parties.  Can’t you see the JOY all over my bearded face?! -sent by mrge5

Laughing all the way! HaHaHa!!

Sing it with me! Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!