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When We Headed To The North Pole?

Dog on Sled With Antlers

You mean you want ME to PULL this thing?!?!

Playing Santa…

I always gets picked to play Santa at our office parties.  Can’t you see the JOY all over my bearded face?! -sent by mrge5

Waiting patiently for the Santa…

We are pretty sure Santa will need our help!

-Mulroy and Daisy sent by erigby

A Very Vonderful Petmas…

German Shepherd gifts

All I vant for Petmas iz Varm Vishes and endless doggy treats vor all!

For our Chewish friends…

Happy  Rosh Hashanah!


Maybe this is why they wouldn’t let him join in any of the Reindeer games!

Love me some Reinwienies…


Harry the Long-Nosed Reinwiener!!   –Harry, Austin, TX

Paco Prancer

Paco Prancer

I think I hear jingle bells! – Paco, Austin, TX

Who’s ready for Christmas?!!

Terrier in Antlers

I am!  I am!….are they on straight?!