Happy Hamstermas!

Hamsters may be small, but their presence in our homes can bring enormous joy. As Christmas approaches, it’s only fitting that we make the season as jolly for them as it is for us. Welcome to ‘Happy-Hamstermas’ – a guide to celebrating Christmas with your beloved hamsters.

1. A Hamster-Proof Christmas Tree

While many pets can be tempted by the glimmering ornaments and twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, hamsters, given the chance, are no exception. If your hamster has free-roaming times, ensure that your tree is secured and that low-hanging ornaments are pet-safe. Avoid tinsel, as it can be harmful if ingested.

2. Festive Hamster Treats

Christmas is a time for feasting, and your hamster shouldn’t miss out. Consider baking some tiny hamster-friendly cookies using whole grain flour, oats, and a touch of fruit like bananas. Always avoid sugary or chocolatey treats, as they’re harmful to hamsters. For a simple recipe, check out this link.

3. Hamster Advent Calendar

Why not make a DIY advent calendar for your hamster? Behind each door, you can hide a small treat, a new toy, or even a fun activity idea for you both to enjoy.

4. Create a Hamster Winter Wonderland

Transform a section of your hamster’s cage into a winter wonderland. Think about using white bedding to simulate snow and adding pet-safe mini Christmas tree ornaments or even a tiny Santa hat for your furry friend to explore.

5. Hamster Christmas Sweater Photo Session

While not all hamsters will tolerate it, if yours does, you can craft a tiny Christmas-themed costume or sweater for a brief photo session. Remember always to supervise your hamster during this and ensure they’re comfortable.

6. Gift a New Toy

Consider placing a small wrapped gift in your hamster’s cage on Christmas morning. It could be a new chew toy, tunnel, or exercise wheel. The unwrapping alone will provide loads of entertainment!

7. A Special Christmas Playtime

Designate a special playtime on Christmas day. Create a maze with wrapping paper rolls, or perhaps a new sandbox area for digging. The newness of the environment will be a real treat.

8. Sharing the Hamster Joy

Capture the magical moments of your ‘Hamstermas’ celebrations and share them with fellow hamster lovers. Platforms like Hamster Forum or The Hamster Central Community are great places to connect and share.


Ensuring your hamster feels included in the festivities not only amplifies the joy of the season for them but also for you. By creating a special ‘Hamstermas’, you’re building memories and celebrating the deep bond you share with your tiny companion. Wishing you and your furry friend a very Happy-Hamstermas! 🐹🎄