Trimming the Tree with Your Pet: DIY Ornaments for Animal Lovers

The holiday season is the perfect time to decorate your home with festive ornaments and trimmings. But if you’re a pet parent, you know that traditional ornaments can be risky for your furry friends. That’s why we’ve put together a list of DIY ornaments that are both pet-friendly and fun to make. So gather your supplies and get ready to trim the tree with your pet!

  1. Paw Print Ornaments: This is a classic DIY ornament that’s easy to make and perfect for pet lovers. All you need is some non-toxic clay, a rolling pin, and a cookie cutter in the shape of your pet’s paw. Roll out the clay, cut out the paw print, and bake according to the instructions. Once it’s cool, you can decorate it with paint or glitter, and add a ribbon to hang it on the tree.
  2. Feather Ornaments: For bird owners, feathers can make a beautiful addition to your tree. Simply tie a ribbon around the end of a feather and attach it to a branch. You can also create a cluster of feathers by tying them together with a ribbon and attaching them to the tree.
  3. Tennis Ball Ornaments: If your pet loves to play fetch, why not turn a tennis ball into a festive ornament? Simply paint the ball with non-toxic paint in your favorite holiday colors, add a ribbon, and hang it on the tree.
  4. Photo Ornaments: This is a great way to incorporate your pet’s photo into your holiday decorations. Cut out a photo of your pet and glue it onto a piece of cardboard or foam board. Cut around the shape of your pet, punch a hole in the top, and add a ribbon to hang it on the tree.
  5. Yarn Ball Ornaments: For cat owners, yarn ball ornaments can make a fun and festive addition to your tree. Simply wrap yarn around a small Styrofoam ball, tie a ribbon around it, and hang it on the tree. You can also add catnip to the yarn for an extra treat for your furry friend.

These DIY ornaments are not only pet-friendly, but they also make for great bonding activities with your furry friends. So put on some holiday music, grab your supplies, and have fun trimming the tree with your pet!