Argh, Mateys! Talk Like A Pirate Day with Our Four-legged & Feathered Buccaneers

Cat dressed like a pirate with chihuahua on top if treasure chest

Ahoy, Petmas crew!

Hoist the Jolly Roger and grab your parrots – or, in our case, parakeets, pups, and kitties!  September 19th be “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” and we’re ready to embark on a swashbucklin’ adventure with our four-legged shipmates.

Settin’ Sail on the High Seas of Fun

1. Dressing the Part:
Transform your pet into a paw-rfect pirate with a cute bandana, eyepatch, or a mini pirate hat. If ye be brave enough, a striped shirt or faux parrot perched atop their back can add to the fun! [Find these treasures here!]

dogs dressed as pirates

2. ‘X’ Marks the Spot:
Create a treasure hunt for your pet! Hide their favorite treats or toys around your home or yard, and let them follow the map – or their noses – to find the booty.

treasure map with dog paws on top of map, with compass and a human hand pointing

3. Pirate Lingo Lessons:
Teach yer dog some pirate commands:

  • “Ahoy!” (Come)
  • “Plunder!” (Fetch)
  • “Avast!” (Stop)

And for our feline shipmates? Well, they be pirates at heart, choosin’ when to listen and when to sail their own seas.

4. Pirate Feast:
After a long day of piratin’, even the fiercest buccaneer needs some grub. Whip up a special meal for your pet, perhaps some fish for your feline, some hearty meat for your canine, or fruits for your smaller furry or feathered friends. Always ensure it’s pet-safe!

5. Share Yer Tales of the Seven Seas:
Capture your furry or feathered pirate’s adventures and share them with the Petmas crew! We’d love to see them in all their seafaring glory. Use the hashtag #PetmasPiratePawty.

Circular image with Parrot dressed as a pirate with the words "Ahoy Matey" framing the top right side of circle

6. Shanties and Sea Tales:
Gather ’round and tell tales of the high seas – or maybe just play some fun sea shanties while spending time with your pet. They might not sing along, but they’ll surely enjoy the rhythm and your company!

A Buccaneer’s Warning

While it be all fun and games, always make sure any outfits or accessories be comfortable for your pet and won’t cause them any harm. Keep an eye out for any signs of distress or discomfort. We want our mates to enjoy the day, not walk the plank!

Til We Set Sail Again…

Whether ye be a landlubber or a seasoned sailor, this Talk Like A Pirate Day is bound to be a barrel of fun with our furry and feathered shipmates by our side. So grab your compass, set sail, and let the adventures begin!

Got more pirate puns or tales of your own? Drop ’em in our email along with your photos.  And if ye enjoyed this post, share it with your mateys!

May your sails be ever full and your treats never-ending! Yo ho ho! 🏴‍☠️🐾🦜