Christmas with your kitties.

Let’s start thinking about how to celebrate Christmas with your furry feline friends. While cats may not understand the concept of the holiday season, they do appreciate the extra love and attention that comes with it. Here are some ideas for celebrating Christmas with your cats:

  1. Christmas-themed treats: Spoil your kitty with some Christmas-themed treats. You can make homemade treats such as tuna cookies, chicken liver bites, or even a special catnip treat. Just be sure to avoid feeding them anything that’s harmful to cats, such as chocolate or raisins.
  2. Christmas tree alternatives: If you’re worried about your cat knocking over the Christmas tree or chewing on the ornaments, consider a cat-friendly alternative. You can make a Christmas tree out of cardboard boxes or felt, or decorate a small tree just for your cat with catnip toys.
  3. Christmas cat toys: Get your cat in the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed cat toys. You can find toys shaped like Santa Claus, reindeer, or even a Christmas tree. These toys will provide your cat with hours of entertainment.
  4. Catnip advent calendar: Treat your cat to a catnip advent calendar, with a new treat or toy for each day leading up to Christmas. This will give your cat something to look forward to every day and keep them entertained.
  5. Christmas-themed cat bed: Give your cat a cozy Christmas-themed bed to snuggle up in during the holiday season. You can find beds with designs such as Santa hats or reindeer antlers, or even make your own by decorating a regular cat bed with some festive fabric.
  6. Play Christmas music: Cats love music, so why not play some Christmas tunes for them? You can find cat-specific Christmas music online, or just play your favorite holiday songs for your cat to enjoy.
  7. Christmas cat photoshoot: Take some adorable photos of your cat in their Christmas outfit or with their Christmas toys. This is a great way to capture some memories and share them with friends and family.

In conclusion, Christmas is a time to show our loved ones how much we care, and that includes our furry feline friends. With these ideas, you can make sure your cat is included in the festive celebrations and feels extra loved during the holiday season.

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